As the BUEDG started into the new millennium, it had to undergo several changes: we had to look for a new home - the "Studiobühne am Markusplatz" was not available to us anymore, since the ETA Hoffmann Theater moved back into their refurbished home at Schillerplatz (now E.T.A.-Hoffmann-Platz). In addition, the format of drawing directors from the ranks of former students changed, and the productions became a 100% student endeavour. Moreover, the idea was born to complement the summer production with a winter workshop. We once again came up with an impressive list of productions, some of which are portrayed below.

2000: Frank McGuinness' Someone Who'll Watch over Me



This gripping play about freedom, captivity and fundamentalism is based on the true story of Brian Keenan from Northern Ireland, who was kidnapped in 1986, shortly after taking up his position as a lecturer of English at the American University in Beirut. The production was accompanied by a cooperation of the BUEDG with Amnesty International, in which the audience were guided through three of Maxwell Taylor's four stages of victim response to captivity.

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2001: In the Public Eye


Subtitled "an evening of absurd slap-stick voyeuristic sleuthing fun", this production combined revue sketches by Harold Pinter and a one-act comedy by Peter Shaffer. One last time, we played on the "Studiobühne am Markusplatz", welcoming the inimitable Nora Gomringer as cast member.


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2005: Martin McDonagh's The Cripple of Innishmaan


We returned to contemporary Irish dramatic literature with this production (the play was by that time a tender nine years old). The play is a dark comedy and part of a trilogy called The Aran Island Trilogy. McDonagh's latest claim o fame is the movie Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri, which he wrote and directed. The film won four Golden Globes in 2018.



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2006: Neil Simon's The Sunshine Boys


Once again, the BUEDG picked a play by a successful Irish playwright: Neil Simon. The Sunshine Boys is a comedy full of snappy dialogue. It was a huge Broadway success in the 70s, starring Danny DeVito, and was turned into a movie in 1996, starring Woody Allen and Peter Falk.


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Winter Workshop 2006: Louise Welsh's The Importance of Being Alfred


This production was truly extraordinary: not only was it the first winter production to speak of, but also a collaboration with a contemporary playwright. Bamberg is home to the Internationales Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia, which since 1997 has been residence for artists from all over the world who are invited for a year. The British writer Louise Welsh, who happened to stay at the Villa in 2006, kindly agreed - mediated by Nora E. Gomringer, who would later become the Villa's director -  to a dramatic reading of her work by members of the BUEDG.



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2007: John B. Keane's Sive


Sive is set in 1950s rural Ireland, where traditionally, families try to "marry off" their daughters in a profitable arrangement. The wedding plans devised by the local matchmaker set off a tragic chain of events…






2009: Ten Little Baby Dolls


Based on Agatha Christie's play And Then There Were None (formerly known as Ten Little Indians), this production was a return to the classical form of the whodunnit.


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